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Southern Cross Underwriting

Southern Cross Underwriting was established in 1976 in Melbourne, Australia to provide specialist Reinsurance 
services to Insurers within the Commonwealth of Australia and the Dominion of New Zealand. 

We at Southern Cross Underwriting pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to Cedants and 
Intermediaries. A motivated and skilled staff operate from a strong and secure financial base with a total 
commitment to a high standard of service.

These standards apply not only to innovative and cost effective structuring and acceptance of Facultative Reinsurance business, but equally to the accounting, administration and claims settlement responsibilities.

We feel the following principles are significant in the successful operation of a specialist Underwriting Company: 

Underwriting Skills
Including all aspects of evaluation, the structure and pricing of risk transfer, the use of risk management
principles, and a disciplined approach to underwriting.

Finding new and creative ways to help underwriters manage their risks, and to continually review 
our underwriting approach and procedures.

Building long term business relationships with our Cedants, Reinsurers and Intermediaries.

The use of feedback and monitoring systems in the control of risk.

The highest quality resource of any organisation is its people.


Southern Cross Underwriting
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